There are many single mums in Dharamsala who need our support, as there is a real lack of employment opportunities.

We do not prescribe to a 'hand out' philosophy, therefore we encourage mums to engage in craft making schemes, like our 'peace bracelets' which are convenient to make and are a low investment enterprise. The peace bracelets were started by a Tibetan woman in a Chinese jail, as an ingenious way of passing the time and protesting for peace in Tibet. She used the black and white thread in her bed sheet to create a symbol of peace in the midst of her turbulent situation, which has since been adopted by the Tibetan community and its supporters. These provide additional income to pay for their child's education and create solidarity with the Tibetan cause.

Rogpa believe in sustainability and are trying to help hte refugee community think of new ways to earn a better standard living.

For just $US12 sponsorship per month we can create this kind of employment for a single mumn, which will naturally increase her confidence and potential for self-sufficiency.

In cooperation with Rogpa Charitable Trust's Tibetan Craft Center, RTFC is planning to establish a Fair Trade Tibetan Flag Project to provide economic empowerment to low-income Tibetan refugees in Dharamsala. Currently, an RTFC purchases Tibetan flag from various distributors in India and often times, flag supplies exceeds the demand. However, after enough funds have been raised, RTFC will invest in a small scale flag printing studio and hire unemployed Tibetan refugees under international fair trade standards.

In order to provide more employment and raise more funds, RTFC will also be establishing a Fair Trade Tibetan T-shirt Project. Sharing the same printing studio, RTFC will be partnering with graphic designers to create Tibetan themed screen print T-shirts from locally produced sustainable cotton. Furthering RTFC's mission of promoting peace and awareness, Tibetan themed t-shrits also act as a great catalyst for dialogue about Tibet. If you have a Tibetan themed t-shirt design you would like to share with RTFC, please send it to

Tibetan Silver Community is an integrated employment and living space for senior Tibetan exiles. This will act to empower senior Tbietans through a sense of self worth resulting from job satisfaction and self sufficiency.

RTFC is a progressive group open to new ideas. We welcome projects proposals for future initiatives which promote peace and awareness about Tibet. We especially welcome sustainable, empowerment based initiatives as well as fundraising project proposals. Please send your proposals to