Yeshi aims to employ Tibetan Refugee drug and alcohol addicts, giving them a beneficial, peaceful, and proactive environment, while teaching them a trade and allowing them to support themselves. Tibet has a long tradition of paper production and printing. Through the distribution of the items made by the Yeshi Paper Project, we hope to increase awareness and education about Tibetan culture, and the current situation of Tibetan Refugess.

The Yeshi Paper Project holds open paper art class for Tibetan Refugee children, giving them the opportunity to learn art and be in a creative environment.

Yeshi uses 100% recycled paper, made from plant fiber, flwoers, leaves, and used paper from the local region. All of our products are made by the speed of the human hand, not the speed of a machine. The progress is slow, simple, and done with loving care.

The entire Yeshi Project can be run for only $300 USD per month. Any size donation that you can make will help Yeshi's dreams come true. Please buy Yeshi's products and introduce them to your friends.