Rogpa is continually striving to preserve Tibetan culture, integrity and independence for many generations to come. ROGPA has an interconnected ideology. "where one gets help and another gets the chance to help', stemming from the ideal of a self-sufficient Tibetan community, that is not over dependent upon outside assistance to preserve Tibetan culture and identity.
Rogpa was established in 2004
Rogpa is Tibetan word meaning 'trusted friends and helpers', and it is these people that from Rogpa
Rogpa acts to integrate the Tibetan community in exile by increasing Tibetan cooperation and responsibility
Rogpa is not a business or a charity dand does not subscribe to a 'hand out' philosophy, rather, acting to empower Tibetan people through combined efforts contributing to autonomy and self-determination. This is currently achieved through the Baby Care Centre(BCC) by providing Tibetan families with a childcare cooperative space, as well as annual festivals that raise awareness and funds for Rogpa's projects in Korea

What is Rogpa? The word Rogpa is derived from the Tibetan language, which means to help. It can be used in any from - currently we are helping needy parents. A very enthusiastic couple founded this NGO called Rogpa on 1 September 2005. Currently they are providign free day care to children whose parents are facing everyday challenges for their survival. the main motivation of the NGO is to help the Tibetan exile community become self-reliant. During our fesitvals we have started a project called the 1 rupee project, through which, one can realize how each individual can make a difference to the whole society. Specifically our youth have to participate in this project to make our own society self-sufficient.

600km Walk for Tibet in Korea.
Established Rogpa Charitable Trust
1 September opened Rogpa Baby Care Centre
In January, held the first SAVE TIBET Festival in Seoul, Korea
Held it's first Annual Rogpa Festival at TCV Day School (15 October)
Introduction of the 1 Rupee Project
Organized Arts and Drawing Contest for children at TCV Upper school
'Tashi Delek' one day fundrasing cafe in held in Seoul, Korea
Rogpa Basket Ball Tournament, venue: Gangkyi Ground - Dharamsala
Second Annual Rogpa Festival - Green Day, Environmental Preservation Venue: TCV Day School (22 April)
Peace Tibet Camp in Seoul, Korea
June, Yeshi's Book Binding Project started
CST Phuruwala Libray Refurbishment Project
Korean student cultural Program Exchange
Provision of regular jobs for some BCC parents - Single Mum Project
Future Tibetan Culture, third Annual Rogpa Festival - venue: TCV Day school

Director - Tenzing Jamgyang
Co-founder - Tenzin Pema
General Manage - Jangchup Dorji
Accountant - Tashi Lamsang
Coordinator - Richie Bryan