The Rogpa Baby Care Centre (BCC) opened 1 September 2005. Currently we are providing free childcare, daily meals and play equipment in a fun and safe environment for more than 35 children (increase every year) under 3 years of age, 6 days a week with no cost to the parents in order to allow low-income Tibetan families struggling with erverday challenges for their survival to go to work, become self-sufficient and independent.

We organise annual festivals and regular fund-raising event that raise awareness and funds for Rogpa projects both within the Tibetan community and internationally. Rogpa is not a business or a charity and does not subscribe to a "hand out" philosophy. Rather, Rogpa acts to empower Tibetan people through combined efforts contributing to autonomy and self-determination.

We depend on the involvement of Tibetan families and volunteers who run The Babay Care Centre providing care for the children - so if you'd like to be a volunteer we'd love to hear form you!

Our Baby Care Centre has 7 full-time trained and experienced permanent staff all of whom are local people of Tibetan origins. In addition to this we also have up to 10 international volunteers who work with the children for a minimum of 15 days (a period which allows the children to get familiar with our helpers with minimum disruption while enabling our volunteers to share an unforgettable experience). Our staff provide genuine love and care for all of our children with imaginative play time, story-telling, sleep supervision, feeding at meal times, cleaning and nappy changing (of which there is plenty!).