I have lerned some useful nursery rhymes, a few colors and a few basic commands (in Tibetan). The whole scheme is really impressvie and so much more relaxed and enjoyable than an English baby care place would be.

It was really nice to feel helpful and see how necessary the BCC is to all the parents - They clearly depend on it, and consequently depend on the staff as well. Now we can all spread the word and hopefully keep the volunteers coming.
I had a great experience at Rogpa. At first it was overwhelming and I was not exactly sure what to do, but I soon caught on. I learned mostly by watching the staff and being told what to do.

I think it is always helpful for parents to be able to leave there children in safe and capable hands. I think my experience helped me to contribute to something important and valuable for the community.
Brilliant, inspiring, happy, joyful, energizing, motivating, rewarding and tiring too! For me the BCC gave me my first experience with volunteering my time and energy. I found this gave me feelings of great satisfaction and achievement. I hope Rogpa and BCC benefited from my motivation and energy to help.
I loved being at Rogpa to take care of the children even if it was exhausting. I think we have understood each other even without words. They are the future seeds of Tibetan community in McLeod. So it's good that they learn to respect each other, to laugh and love.

I wanted to help the Tibetan community in McLeod Ganj and so I did it through their loving children. I think it is hard work because they are numerous so any volunteer provides some help, even without experience.